Boost Sales with RSS Marketing

RSS Marketing is one of the most powerful methods that you can use to drive leads and sales to your website or business.

"RSS is still alive and well, so RSS marketing is still an excellent way to generate leads and sales. Furthermore, the readers of your RSS feeds are certainly among your target demographics."
Claire Chua
Online Entrepreneur

Bring your products to the people who care

With RSS marketing, you are delivering RSS feeds, and the only people who will subscribe to your feeds are the ones who are interested in your niche, products, and services, allowing you to reach your target audience and your target audience to reach you.

Drive meaningful traffic to your website

Because your RSS feeds are delivered to the correct audience 99% of the time, the incoming traffic to your website will certainly be of high quality. Increase leads and sales and build a community of like-minded users by providing them with a place to interact with one another on your website.

RSS Marketing works across all platforms

Android, iOS, mobile PC, Apple, Mac, Linux, Windows. No matter what platform and operating system your users are using, there is an RSS reader for them. There’s no need to develop a software or an app for a specific platform. Reach the right audience anytime, anywhere.

Why RSS Marketing?

Detailed stats

With RSS marketing, you can easily track your traffic and check what kind of platform they used to access your content. You can also view what kind of RSS reader they used to syndicate your feed.

Raw and unfiltered

They say that RSS was replaced with social media. While it’s true that social media can be an alternative platform to RSS feeds to get content, it contains many unnecessary items such as things like a friend's post or a page with memes, etc. With RSS feeds, the only thing that would appear on the user's "timeline" is the content that they care about, making it easier for you to grab their attention.

Less plugins needed

It's easy to generate RSS feeds. WordPress, for example, automatically generates RSS feeds. All you have to do is to make sure that your content offer interesting offers, content, announcements, etc. No need to hire a developer to create a complex plugin for you.

Works on any device

RSS marketing works on any device. No matter what platform your audience is on, they can easily access your RSS feeds using an RSS reader for their platform and there are tons of them!

Build a community

If your website or business offer a place for your audience or customers to interact with one another, then RSS can help you bring like-minded individuals together. Because the only people that would subscribe to your RSS feeds are the ones interested in your niche, chances are, they would be very happy to participate in your community, which will have a positive impact on your business.

Easy to use interface

With an RSS reader, browsing an RSS feed is no different than using a social media platform. An RSS feed looks very similar to your Twitter and Facebook feed.

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