Who We Are

RSS Marketing for Businesses is a group of individuals passionate in keeping the RSS marketing alive. With the rise of social media, people started to think that they don’t need RSS feeds anymore as they can get their news and content from one platform. However, social media isn’t meant purely for consuming content. It has mixed purposes, which makes it harder for people to find and discover certain products and services that might appeal to them. It also makes it harder for businesses to grab the attention of their target audience as they are competing against cat videos and funny posts.

With RSS, people can collect various feeds and have content delivered to them whenever they want and it’s not just content, it’s the content that matters. No cat videos. No picture of a friend in an awkward suit preparing for the first date of their life. No annoying comments. Just a list of news and content that matters to them without distraction.

This makes it easier for people to discover and consume information faster and more efficient. It also makes it easier for business to reach their target audience and grab their attention.

So, we, RSS Marketing for Businesses, began this project to help business harness the power of RSS marketing. By using RSS feeds to deliver their content along with their products and services to the right people, businesses can reach their target audience faster and their target audience can also reach them faster as well.